By far, the most common type of traffic offense or moving violation is speeding.

Too Many Speeding Tickets = License Suspension

Sometimes, it seems that a getting McHenry County speeding ticket is enevitable.  Sometimes, you have to go over the posted limit just to keep up with Interstate traffic. Other times you may be in a hurry, or you don’t realize how fast you are going, or the speed limit just may seem too slow. But no matter what your reason for speeding, you will eventually get caught, pulled over, and ticketed.

Ways That Speeding Tickets Affect You

The first and most obvious way that a speeding ticket affects you is the fine that accompanies a speeding ticket.  A speeding ticket in Illinois will cost you at least $120 of your hard earned cash, and may cost more depending on your speed and circumstances.  Speeding in a construction zone will cost you at least $375, but judges have been known to double this amount to $700!

Your auto insurance rates will usually not be affected by just a single speeding ticket, but several in one year may cause your premiums to increase.  Your license may be suspended or revoked if you are convicted of speeding three times or more within a 12-month period.

The Illinois Point System

Illinois has a license “points” system that assigns a certain number of points to each speeding conviction or other convicted traffic offense.  The duration of your license suspension or revocation depends on how many points you accumulate on your license.

First-Time Suspension

  • 0 to 14 points―no action
  • 15 to 44 points―2-month suspension
  • 45 to 74 points―3-month suspension
  • 75 to 89 points―6-month suspension
  • 90 to 99 points―9-month suspension
  • 100 to 109 points―12-month suspension
  • 110 or more points―12-month revocation

Repeat Offenders

  • 0 to 14 points―no action
  • 15 to 44 points―4-month suspension
  • 45 to 74 points―6-month suspension
  • 75 to 109 points―12-month suspension
  • 110 or more points―12-month revocation

A comprehensive list of IL traffic offenses and their points values can be found by clicking this link

Should You Fight A McHenry County Speeding Ticket?

Whenever possible, it is advantegeous to fight a traffic ticket so that convictions and/or points do not accumulate.  Many judges will allow you to plead to a lesser charge, or even avoid a conviction by attending traffic school.  However, if alcohol or drugs are involved, leniency is less likely and penalties increase substantially.

For most people, getting a traffic ticket or speeding ticket is their only contact with law enforcement or the court system. Having an attorney who knows the systems can help you deal with what can be an overwhelming situation.  The Law Office of Scott W. Brammer has extensive experience in the traffic courts of McHenry and surrounding counties, and will work hard to protect your rights and help protect your driving privileges.

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